Arcade Adapter Pac-Man Cabinet to JAMMA Board

Arcade Adapter Pac-Man Cabinet to JAMMA Board

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A new angle on an old trick.. this board adapts a JAMMA board to a Pacman/ Ms pacman cabinet. The board converts the controls wiring in the existing cabinet to the JAMMA format. 

Also, use an ATX supply if you please.. and don't worry about the green wire, the ATX supply connects directly to the board. If you want to use your own supply, solder your power to the 4 pads supplied. 

By default, the start 1 button is linked to the player button 1, and start 2 to button 2. This allows you to operate a multi- board in the cabinet without further buttons or wiring. You can cut two jumpers on the board if you do not want this function. Rev 1 PC boards come with two wires soldered for this feature.

A schematic is included with the board for your reference.